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Download the Ten Doctors as separate pdfs, a zip file of everything, or in Comical format.The Ten Doctors




The Zip file (huge!):

Ten Doctors: Complete
The entire package, and the mother of all zip files. Takes about 4 minutes to download on high speed cable. 182.41 MB

Comical Versions:

One of our fans (thank you, Darren!) has compiled the Ten Doctors final version into a couple of versions readable by the Comical graphic novel program. The full version is just like the pdf, with Rich’s commentary and page numbers and such, and the smaller version is the strips only. Shower him with praise!




Forever Janette




CBRs (Comical):




Stalker of Norfolk


CBRs (Comical):



Outrage of the Zygons



YAFGC Wallpaper Big Pack:10 awesome wallpapers in one zip file.

The Fifth Doctor, as seen in the Ten Doctors.

The Sixth Doctor, from the Ten Doctors.