What is this? Activity on Rich’s Comix Blog??? Yes indeed it is!

Okay, so it’s not new content right away but here’s what’s happening: I’m trying to revive this site as a place for me to display comics and drawings that are NOT directly connected to Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic.

That means more Archie, more Doctor Who crossovers and more other things.

To start, I’m going to re-run “The Genosha Sequence” from the start. As of Monday May 20, Genosha will update every week without fail, eventually catching up to where I left off, by which time I will have new material and will see the story through to its conclusion! It was written by Ardatli, an incredible writer and my bestest friend.

“The Genosha Sequence” is an Alternate Universe story where characters from “The Young Avengers” appear in the Stargate SG:1 setting.
Look here for more specific information.

On Fridays I’m planning to re-run “House of Paulus”, a piece I wrote some years ago about a wealthy Equestrian in Imperial Rome looking for love. It’s mainly a promotional stunt for the fact that I’m currently feverishly writing the sequel, “Son of Paulus.” More on that soon.

Here’s hoping that this space will become an active outlet again!
-Rich Morris