OOOkay how do I explain this? Hmmm…. well, let’s just say that Archie comics were quite an influence on my style, and one day I came up with this idea… and more than one person I mentioned it to said “DO IT! DOOO IIIIIT!” So, because I was inspired and because of positive feedback…. here it is. At least, the start of it.

BIG cudos go to Adam Hall, my friend and coworker at DHX studio who painstakingly did the cover art for this one. I came up with the basic layout and drew the characters and a very rough sketch of the set, and he inked it, lettered it, painted it and made it look far more awesomer than I ever could. THANKS Adam!

Check out his stuff here: Adam Hall – Paintings, designs and sketches. He’s an awesomely talented guy.
-Rich Morris.