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A Message From Rich.

Comic #640

Rich's Notes

Yeah, the sites been quiet for too long. I'm really sorry. Contract (no longer new, but still keeping me supremely busy), two kids, just seems life goes crazier and crazier.
Just in case you didn't know, YAFGC is my other comic. See it here.

Uploaded by Rich at 19:34 on 06 December 2012

Rich Still Aten't Dead

Gravatar Posted 11:42
Fri 30 November
by Hilary

This was a comment, but I figured I'd post a version here as well.

Yes, things have been very slow / not happening here for a while now. It's one of those things, unfortunately, and Rich has had to concentrate what little extra time he has these days first on getting the YAFGC and House of Paulus books sketched in and shipped, and second on keeping YAFGC itself up to date.

I'm working actual non-flexible full-time for the first time in a number of years (had a kid, went back to school, had a kid...), which means that a lot of the things I used to do during the day to keep the household running have to be pushed to "free time" for both of us, and his day job has been grueling. Add on HalCon and the new books, and I'm honestly amazed he's still standing upright.

The Richs are still working on Bond/Who, and there will be more coming. You can follow Rich on Tumblr (, Twitter (@YAFGCRich), or Facebook ( to keep up with updates. Or, sub to the news feed here, or at YAFGC if you prefer rss. I'll ask him to put up an update later on, once he knows what a schedule is likely to be.

This is not a test

Gravatar Posted 10:18
Fri 30 November
by Hilary

This is rock and roll. Please bear with me while I test some new IFTTT functionality.

House of Paulus now in print!

Gravatar Posted 18:08
Fri 02 November
by Hilary

Those who were at Hal*Con already know this secret, but now that the con's over, we can share it here - Rich's imperial Rome-flavoured comic, House of Paulus, is now available in print! We have a limited run of 100 copies, now available at the online store! There are some new strips not previously published, character profiles in the back, and a cover by artist (and friend) Dominic Marco.


Madcap adventure, mistaken identity, witches, spells and conspiracies - Paulus Desertius, loyal Roman citizen, wants nothing to do with any of it.

All Paulus wants, he thinks, is to get married and settle down to a quiet, domestic life.

How difficult can that possibly be?


Those who currently have a YAFGC Book 3 order in the system can take advantage of free shipping on House of Paulus with the following discount code at checkout:YAFGCPRE. This offer expires as we start to pack and ship the preorders, so order your Paulus today!


Gravatar Posted 16:59
Thu 25 October
by Rich

We picked them up today!


Come visit and chat with us at HalCon, we'll be at Table 58.
2012 Floor Two v4a.png

See you there!

We're Going to be at HalCon 2012!

Gravatar Posted 18:56
Fri 12 October
by Rich

Come visit and chat with us. We'll be at Table 58.

2012 Floor Two v4a.png

See you there!

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