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A Time to Kill - 004

Comic #562

Rich's Notes

The Doctor spots an old friend and drags Donna over to meet him. He is, however, being watched.

Uploaded by Rich at 01:00 on 12 September 2011

The Dinosaur Table Project - 4

Gravatar Posted 09:40
Sun 19 June
by Rich

The Dinosaur Table Project - 4

It's been a while since I've updated this little log. Last time I worked on the table I didn't add anything overly significant so it seemed a bit much to do an entry for a couple of small additions. Most of that session went into regluing. Turns out the spray adhesive I used didn't really stick very well and the mountain segments started to separate. I found that carpenter's glue works a lot better, so I had to redo portions of the land and mountains.

This weekend I finished the peaks over the Triassic period. My goal was to make a transition of mountains, high pointy peaks for the young mountains, lower peaks for the middle section and way over on the right are the low, rolling hilltops for the well aged mountains.

Picture 057web.jpg

Here's a view from the POV of an Acrocanthosaurus standing in the forground in the Cretaceous period. In the distance you can see the high peaked Triassic mountains. I like the low-angle that gives a sense of scale.

Picture 052web.jpg

Here's a slightly different view from behind the Tyrannosaurus.

Picture 053web.jpg

Here's a view across the mountaintops with the approximate location of the Pteranodon aerie.

Picture 054web.jpg

This is down in what I've started calling 'Sauropod Alley'. In the background you can see the cliff face. In the foreground is a new piece of scenery. During a visit to a pet shop, Hilary found some fantastic fish tank decorations that will enhance the table wonderfully! This is one of them, a clump of palm trees. I will have to do a bit of research before sticking it down, but it will probably wind up in the Cretaceous or Pliestocene era.

Picture 055web.jpg

Here's a downshot looking into the small sea, home of the various marine reptiles.

Picture 056web.jpg

Thanks for reading!

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