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8 - 9 Regeneration Page

Comic #483

Rich's Notes

This was originally posted during the run of "The 10 Doctors". A reader had commented that [and I paraphrase] I'd "better not show the regeneration of the 8th to the 9th Doctors." Well, naturally, being the contrary fellow that I am, I took that rather as a challenge rather than a warning. The regeneration in question was never *going* to be part of the story I'd come up with for the strip, but in reaction I gave him 4 different ones to make him happy.

My comics. I make the rules.

Uploaded by Hilary at 19:58 on 13 August 2010

Welcome to the New ComixBlog!

Gravatar Posted 19:55
Fri 13 August
by Hilary

New site, new look, same old URL! WordPress was getting unwieldy and we didn't feel like going through the upgrades to version 3 when it wasn't really filling our needs for the site, so we've moved! Thanks to Bunshichi, an IT god among you who wrote a conversion script, rewrote the comments plugin and did some major hand-holding, we are up and running on ComicCMS. Unfortunately any old direct links to strips will no longer work, but the 404 page should take everyone back to the front. On the plus side, this site should be far easier to navigate and find the content you want, as well as being faster to load overall.

If you're here looking for the Ten Doctors graphic novel, you can find it here.

The general comic archives are now here, broken down by story.

Comic Extras - the various Episode Guides and Cheat Sheets - have been given their own pages, under the Extras heading in the menu.

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If anything doesn't seem to be working right, drop us a comment below or pop over to the forums and make a note in the Admin and Tech folder.

Known Issues so far:

- none

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