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A Time to Kill - 028

Comic #691

Rich's Notes

Well, long time no see, hunh? Here comes the next page! Sorry for the delay, my fault entirely.
The 3rd Doctor and the Roger Moore Bond discover some dodgy technology - or at least, things that shouldn't be around in this era.

A Time to Live; A Time to KILL!
By Rich Morris, Richie Brackin and Christina Folkers

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Uploaded by Rich at 01:00 on 08 April

Oh Dear

Gravatar Posted 05:10
Mon 10 November
by Rich

I think there's a problem with this website. I mean beyond the fact that I haven't updated it in ages. ComicCMS is not supported and the world around it is changing. So YAFGC and this ComixBlog are going to have to migrate in order to stay alive. We are in the process of doing this, I'll keep you posted as things evolve.

A Fresh Start.

Gravatar Posted 18:52
Wed 15 October
by Rich

After the last news update I made I realized I had to become more proactive about getting things moving and revving around here. So here's what I did. I started reorganizing my home studio a little and tried to inspire myself by printing out little covers or posters of all the comics I've done over the past 10 years or so. And look at this!


There are actually two more to go up ("24fps" and "Storybored") and this only includes the 4 volumes of YAFGC I published and doesn't include things I did as a sort of freelance artist. (Some guest shots, crossovers, things that never got published online, professional strips, jokes and others.)
I was quite prolific, hunh? But my current output is disappointing to me as much as it is to any readers who may still be lurking out of loyalty. I promise I'll try to do more. I want to fill that wall!!!
It's just a lot harder than it was. Bear with me!

Site Neglect: Guilty

Gravatar Posted 05:57
Sun 12 October
by Rich

Hey gang. As some of you have commented, noted, asked or otherwise speculated; I am still here. I'm doing okay and I am still updating YAFGC whenever I can, but this site has been sadly neglected. I apologize both to you readers who have stuck around and peeked in to see if things would update or not. I apologize to those of you who have abandoned hope and will no longer be looking in and therefore will not read this. And I apologize to my co-writers/artists who have been waiting patiently or otherwise to get things moving.

Truth is that I have become busy with my real life. Same old story I've been harping on for a while now. Once my job picked up the schedule and became like a real job I lost about 90% of my creative time. My evenings and weekends are devoted to family first, then I sometimes have a couple of hours to spend drawing (assuming I'm not too exhausted to care). I have, of course, been focusing on trying to keep YAFGC going in that time with various ComixBlog projects sitting withing grasp just in case the muse or opportunity arises.
Sadly, it's been a while and it kills me.

I will be making an effort to get things moving on here. I have "Genosha" and "Time to Kill" open on my desk in my study as well as a dozen unfinished "Storybored" strips (my co-writer is in the same boat and hasn't had the time or muse to complete them, though he brings it up from time to time with a renewed determination to get them done.)

I'm sorry for the silence. I can't promise it will ever be like it was back in the pre-children "10 Doctors" days, but I don't want to stop doing these.

Hard to imagine that at one time back in those days I was working on about 7 different comics at once.
-Rich Morris

Site News for here and

Gravatar Posted 05:33
Thu 17 July
by Rich

OKay, so the YAFGC site ( is still down and we're trying to attend to it as work and life allows. The problem currently appears to be a support issue between server and host. One has updated and the other can't cope and can't update along with it. A migration may be imminent.

Good news is that I have a new computer on the way which will help immensely. Also there are lots of new YAFGC strips and even some new material for this site that I'll try to get up soon.

Once my virtual world is back on its feet I'll try to get a proper relaunch going.

YAFGC is still down... having a bad week.

Gravatar Posted 17:03
Wed 02 July
by Hilary

Hey, sorry about YAFGC being out of commission still. We're trying to get it back up and running, please stand by! Argh.

YAFGC is down!

Gravatar Posted 11:10
Sat 28 June
by Rich appears to be down for the moment, please stand by, we'll try to get it running asap!

Update on the Dinosaur Table!

Gravatar Posted 19:04
Sun 15 June
by Rich

Anyone remember this old project? (Anyone still there?)
This is the project I came up with back in 2011 where I decided to build a playset for my daughter's toy dinosaurs. I posted some progression steps as I did it but m work on it became more and more sporadic and my reports on the subject even more so.
Well I was with the kids working in the basement and Jenny and I looked it over and came up with some ideas. So today we popped around the craft shop and picked up some supplies. Here's how it looks today. (Still unfinished, mind you, but much cooler to look at.)


Apatosaurus stands in the Jurassic area, towering over the tall fern (aquarium palm tree) to munch on some yummy leaves!

Meanwhile in the Triassic period, Dimetrodon works his way through the sand to get to the water's edge for a drink.

Over the Jurassic/Cretaceous border, an Allosaurus faces down a Carnotaurus. Note the view of the large lake around the mountain. Jenny painted most of the gradients in the water.

While Acrocanthosaurus dominates the forground, a pair of Styracosaurus amble along the river's edge, munching on some fresh vegitation. The giant Ground Sloth can be seen across the water in what will be the Ice Age section. This is also a great view of the caves, which open up into a big subterranean cavern where I hope to have a population of Neanderthals living at some point.

This is the view looking up the river. I want to have the river disappear into a relatively thick forested area at some point.

So what do you think?

-Rich Morris

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