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A Time to Kill - 028

Comic #691

Rich's Notes

Well, long time no see, hunh? Here comes the next page! Sorry for the delay, my fault entirely.
The 3rd Doctor and the Roger Moore Bond discover some dodgy technology - or at least, things that shouldn't be around in this era.

A Time to Live; A Time to KILL!
By Rich Morris, Richie Brackin and Christina Folkers

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Uploaded by Rich at 01:00 on 08 April

Genosha Sequence Script on AO3

Gravatar Posted 04:10
Thu 13 Febuary
by Hilary

Heyyyy, check this out! Ardatli, the author of 'The Genosha Sequence,' has started uploading the script over at Archive of our Own. She's up to the end of Act One now, and says that she'll be putting up the rest of the script as Rich's pages catch up to the Act breaks. This is a neat way to look at the process of making a comic, as well as getting a look into the original design and intent of the story.

Read the script for 'The Genosha Sequence' on AO3!

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